What Others Say


Allow me to thank you for the improvements and additions you made to my company’s website. Although I am not a fan of technology, I thought we worked well together, and I am very satisfied with the results and costs. Our joint venture is another testimonial to “networking” because that is how we met.

Doris Appelbaum, CEO
Appelbaum’s Resume Professionals

“When David works with a client he goes up and beyond their expectations through creative solutions, identifying areas of efficiency, and really taking the time to understand the individual needs of each and every client. David gives his clients his undivided attention. His ability to understand computers yet talk to the lay person about them is incredible. I highly recommend David as the solution to your computer needs.”

Patricia Granger
Patricia Granger Re-Design

“David and my husband, John, have worked on John’s clients’ websites and David does fine work. He has very good ideas. He gives the client what they want. He does what he says he’ll do and on time. He’s a pleasure to work with, too. And, he’s also great at making my computer ‘behave itself.’ John would recommend David to anyone.”

Judi Murphy
Murphy Associates

“I’ve known Dave for over 3 years through a marketing group, and through hiring him to solve some of my computer problems. He is very trustworthy and reliable, and I would look to him again if something went wrong with my computer system.”

Nadine Retzlaff
The Health and Energy Center of Wisconsin

“David wrote a custom script for my web site and it works great. He got the job done the first time and it exceeded my expectations. He even helped me get it installed because I was having problems… If/when I have a need again I would definitely call him.”

Burton Robertson
Mega Music DJ Services

“David is a computer guru who took me from start to finish on my blog, YouTube, Google Analytics and VodPod, just to name a few of the many areas in which he excels. I highly recommend him. Everything is explained in an easy to understand format.”

Joal Derse-Dauer
Just Ask Me For Help

“Dave has fixed many problems for me in the past! He is extremely knowledgeable, and does great work. If I ever have computer problems, Dave is the first guy I call because I know he’ll fix whatever I messed up! He’s always on time, and has great prices.”

Kelly LaNette
Smart Shopper Card

“I recently attended a Social Media Seminar hosted by David Tacke. It was excellent. I obtained valuable information about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other types of social media. Information that companies can use to market their products and services on social media sites was discussed. The benefits of using Google Analytics to analyze traffic on your Web site were also covered. David did a great job covering this material in an easy to understand manner. I would recommend taking a seminar from David.”

Nancy Freitag
Market Probe

“David is a very talented computer programmer who can customize reports and assess your software applications. He has so much talent and really knows the ins and outs of any CRM database. He has worked extensively with ACCESS and many other programs. Hiring Dave will increase the productivity of your company.”

Kathleen Miller
My Home, Your Home

“David is reliable, thorough and competent. I would highly recommend him for any project.”

Mike Giglio
ZEP Food Division